Local Efforts

Mennonite Voluntary Service
Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) is an outgrowth of the conscientious objector program begun within the Mennonite Church in 1944, allowing those conscientiously opposed to war to fulfill their military service obligations. The Seattle MVS unit opened in 1969 with the support of the newly formed South Seattle Mennonite Church. The first VS’ers in Seattle were those who were conscientious objectors (CO’s) to the Vietnam War doing their alternative service. When the draft ended, the MVS program became a voluntary program designed to provide service to communities. Currently the Seattle Mennonite Church and Evergreen Mennonite Church jointly provide support the local MVS program, which is located in a large house on Capitol Hill. Volunteers come from all over US, Canada (and occasionally Europe), to live in community and work in some area of social service, environmental, or other ministry.

Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages – Seattle, is a nonprofit, volunteer-run fair trade retailer of artisan-crafted home décor, personal accessories and gift items from across the globe. Featuring products from more than 130 artisan groups in some 38 countries, we are part of a network of over 390 retail outlets throughout the United States selling Ten Thousand Villages products. We seek to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bring their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relationships. We are a story house, a place where diverse voices are heard, a vault of meaningful memories, a community resource on fair trade, a storefront for art and beauty. We strive to enrich the lives of Seattle-area customers and increase local awareness of the global impacts of purchasing choices. To support us and our mission, you can stop by to learn more about fair trade, shop with us, attend our variety of events, or volunteer with us. We’re always looking for new faces to help spread the word about our store and fair trade!

Ten Thousand Villages – Seattle
6417 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-9223

Mennonite Disaster Service
In response to natural disasters around North America, Mennonite Disaster Service organizes volunteer teams to assist in the rebuilding efforts for uninsured and low-income persons. The contact person to get on the roster or ask questions is Kevin Froese at hkranda@olympus.net. The MDS representative for our congregation is Stan Wyse.

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