Church structure and ministries

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Church Structure

Leadership Council: David Cooper – Chair, Elizabeth Brown – Treasurer, Amy Hoing – Secretary, Annette Hein, Meg Lumsdaine – Pastor

Worship Committee: Charlotte Derksen, Annette Hein, Kathryn Smith Derksen, Wes Yoder, Meg Lumsdaine

Fellowship Committee: Jenny Dean, Donna Matthies, Amanda Stuckey, Pam Waltner, Mariam Neuhouser

Congregational Care Team: Julianne Stutzman Mai (Chair), Kathryn Smith Derksen, Alicia Williams, Tina Swan, and Meg Lumsdaine.

Youth Education Coordinator: Kate Yoder

Planting spring flowers

Sunday School Teachers:

Preschool teachers: Donna Unruh and Rachel Walker

Primary teachers: Karina Derksen-Schrock and Suzanna Dunn

Intermediate (Middler) teachers: Amy Hoing and Dan Smith Derksen

High school teachers: David Cooper and Kate Yoder

      Substitute: Amanda Stuckey


MVS Support Committee Reps: Tony and Jenny Dean, Kevin Neuhouser

Camp Camrec Board Member: Donna Matthies

MDS Representatives: Darryll and Linda Graber

North America Mennonite Relief Sale Board: Linda Graber

Everence Advocate: Stan Wyse

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