Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Amy Marie Epp

Pastor Amy came to Evergreen in September of 2023. She brings a love of worship, music and the arts to her ministry and a desire for all to be welcome and included in the ministries of the church. She wants to see the church follow Jesus out into the world as disciples of a just peace. Amy has been a pastor in the Seattle area since 2005, previously serving as the Pastor for Spiritual Formation at Seattle Mennonite Church. She continues to serve the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference as chair of the Pastoral Leadership Team. Pastor Amy lives in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle with husband and two children. Both as a part of her ministry and in her free time, Amy enjoys creating things with her hands, including quilting, sewing and knitting, paper crafts, painting and calligraphy. And she is an avid reader, with a particular affinity for a good mystery series.